Cootie Catcher Craft

9 Jan

The other day I was babysitting 2 girls. They are 12 and 5 and both of them LOVE this craft. I made them a “Cootie Catcher”. Some people call these things fortune tellers but really you can make them whatever you want. It is an easy craft that is good for ages 5 and older, girls and boys. It’s great for a rainy day and it’s cheap!

Here is what a Cootie Catcher looks like:

Chances are you have seen one of these but maybe you have forgotten how to fold them. Here are some instructions on how to fold it then I will tell you how this works.

**click on the picture if you are having trouble reading the instructions.**

So that is how they are made. Now for each of the outside flaps you can make any types of categories: colors, animals, names, places, etc. The outside will only have 4 words. The inside flaps will have 8 words. Choose another category, or the same one if you would like, but make sure you make the words AGE APPROPRIATE to where the kids can SPELL the words you use in the categories. Under each flap of the final 8 write a funny sentence or “fortune”. For example, when I played this game with Sloane and Sophia, they chose things like:

“You will fall in the toilet”, “You will be chased by pickles”, “You will win a billion dollars”, etc.

OR you can do things like:

“You must give away 1 piece of candy to a friend”, or “Run the door and back as fast as you can”, etc.

How to play:

1. Hold the Cootie Catcher with only the outside 4 options visible.

2. Have someone pick one of the 4 options (color, animal, etc.)

3. Spell out whatever they pick by moving your fingers up and down and back and forth.

4. Reveal the inside 4 options and have them pick one.

5. Spell that word out the same way.

6. You can do this as many times as you like but eventually when they pick one open up one of the flaps to reveal what it says.

You can make the game more educational by adding math problems. Or use adding money or telling time by drawing nickels and pennies or a clock and having them tell time.

If you are still not clear on how to make one or how to play here is a link to a tutorial:

Cootie Catcher Tutorial

I hope this was a helpful activity!


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