The Repeating Game

13 Jan

I want to share with you a game that the girls that I babysit created themselves. You know it’s a good game when they make it. We were jumping on the trampoline (oh goodness, I love trampolines :)) and they came up with “The Repeating Game”. You can play this on a trampoline or on the ground, it doesn’t require any props, and you can play indoors and outdoors (sounds like the perfect game, right?)

Here is how you play:

The first person does something (something silly, or a trick, etc.)

The second person REPEATS what the first person does and then creates their own.

The third person (or the first person if you only have 2) does what the first person does, what the second person does, and then creates something of their own.

So you just keep playing until you can’t remember what someone did or until  you get tired of it. It is a game that helps with creativity and memory and can be played with all ages. Pretty simple right? I love how creative children can be. I enjoy watching them explore ideas and applying them to their lives like in a game.

Please share your trampline stories or creative games that your kids have created. Also, the girls are trying to think of a differnt name for this game so if you have any ideas, let us know!


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