Spice Up Your Mac and Cheese!

16 Jan

So we are probably all used to eating Mac and Cheese on a regular bases. Sometimes the kids want Mac and Cheese and you really don’t feel like making an entirely separate meal for yourself. Here are a few ways to spice up Mac and Cheese.

For the kids:

1. Add in bite size pieces of hot dogs.

2. Crush up ranch Doritoes and mix them in.

For yourself:

1. If you are feeling a mexican dish add in hamburger and taco seasoning.

2. Add ranch and garlic salt. I haven’t tried this one but I have heard it is good.

3. Add tomato sauce, hamburger and chili powder for a spicy taste.

4. Want a more southern meal? Try adding barbecue sauce and little wieners.

5. For another Mexican dish add salsa and sour cream. This can also be used as a great dip for tortilla chips.

6. If you need some meat, try adding tuna or shredded chicken.

7. Add mixed veggies!

8. Add extra cheese, different cheeses even, and mix in ham and potatoes and maybe even some mushrooms for a hearty meal.

Hopefully this gets you started on some ideas. You don’t have to eat the same boring Mac and Cheese anymore!! Even if the kids just want plain Mac and Cheese, you can make yours healthier and heartier with just a few add-ins. Tell me your favorite add-ins and let me know if you come up with some new ideas!


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