When Things Get Tough

20 Jan

“Watch this!!!”….These may be the two most said words at the age of 3. “Watch this…watch this…hey..hey…hey!…watch this!!” They will keep saying that until you watch them try to do the splits. You can fill in that blank with whatever you may like. At times it gets so repetitive and they keep showing you the same tricks over and over and sometimes you are just fed up with watching. But remember, there will come a time in their life where they will not want or accept your approval. There will be a time where they may in fact go completely against what you do approve. And as they grow into these preteen and teen years you will think to yourself, “I wish I could have those times where they told me to watch.” The simple smile on your face or claps they receive from you was all they were looking for. The times where, yes of course they made a mess but with everything they did they lived to please you. At that young age, all you may have to do is raise your voice for them to burst into tears because you do not approve. As they grow older it seems as though they live to bring tears to your eyes. All of this to say…Cherish the early years. Time moves so much faster when you watch kids grow up. As they enter each new stage of their life, brace yourself, but know that the time will pass so much quicker than you could imagine. So cherish that time. Think of the positive things of each stage of their life and focus on those and enjoy it. Here are a list of the early stages of life: the things that drive you insane and the things that keep you going.


They may poop all the time…but they fall asleep in your arms.


They may make a mess…but you get to teach them how to walk and talk.

Kindergarten-5th grade:

They may be rowdy…but they love sharing with you. They are going to school and learning then coming home to teach you what they learned. (Usually you learn a thing or two. It is a good time for you to refresh your math skills, the names of the presidents, and the capitols of the states).

Middle School:

They may be rebellious…but they are discovering who they are as a person and who they may be in the future. Don’t give up on them.

High School:

They may be experimenting with all of the things you taught them their whole life not to do…but…eh I’ve got nothing on this one. Ha, no they are still learning and growing into the person that they will be in their life. You watch them settle into interests and hobbies and they begin to find their niche in life. Just stick it out. Remember they will be leaving soon and you will miss them dearly.


They may be gone…but they still try to call you to appreciate all that you have done for them.

After College:

They talk to you, give you grandchildren, have nice dinners with you, and watch videos of all of those years I just mentioned. They tell you how crazy they were and they apologize for all of the rowdy things they did that made you, at that time, want to give up. You will smile and remind them once again that they will go through the same thing with their children.

When they are grown you will show them the video of their past and you will say to them, “Watch this!!!”


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