Say BYE-BYE to Messy Glue FOREVER!

10 Feb

I was working on some Valentine’s arts and crafts with two boys last night and I discovered a new kind of glue. I may be totally behind the times but I was amazed how easy and mess free this glue was. It’s called ZOTS, or to the kids “glue dots”. I am not very familiar with scrap-booking and apparently this is a well-known trend in that community. I found it wonderful.

Here is how the ZOTS work:

There is a rolled up piece of wax paper with little flat glue dots on it, similar to the clear, sticky glue that you find on a piece of mail used on flyers and what not, but this works better with crafts and not just paper. You simply take what you need to glue down, in the case of Valentine’s a piece of ribbon, and stick it on the glue dot while it is on the wax paper. Then you peel it off and VWOLA!! Glue.

Although it takes away the fun of glueing your hands together, letting the glue dry on your fingers and peeling it off later, it does make for mess free fun. I have posted some pictures below of the box of ZOTS so you know what they look like, the instructions on how to use them, and a picture of our craft fun.

I hope this helps make your Valentine’s Day crafts more enjoyable. Remember once you open the pictures in another page, if you click on them again you can view them larger.


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