Puppet Show

18 Feb

Any craft that allows children to be creative is a good craft in my opinion. Today I was reading the back of a Chick-fil-A kids meal bag and I was reminded of a craft that I did when I was younger. Puppets! They are easy, fun and you can make them so many different ways. The two ways I am most familiar with is from a brown paper bag or a sock. All you need is some googly eyes, yarn for hair, different colored Sharpies or markers, maybe some buttons, cotton balls, and anything else you can think of. Add some clothes and maybe a bow tie with fabric or construction paper.

Once you make your puppets now it’s time for the show. Set up some sheets or blankets on chairs or a table and perform!!

Make up a fun theme for a show such as a trip to the ocean, a princess trapped in a castle, a day at the circus, fun in outer space, dinosaurs, etc. The possibilities are endless!!!

I was babysitting and we spontaneously decided to make a puppet and we didn’t have old socks or a brown paper bag. We improvised and colored a napkin, put it over our hand and put a rubber band around our wrist. You can make anything a puppet!!


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