Make Your Own Pickle Sickle

21 Feb

Ok, so some of you might cringe at the thought of a Pickle Sickle but some kids just loves these and you can make a sickle out of just about anything. If you are not familiar with a pickle sickle, allow me to explain.

It is a popsicle made out of pickle juice. For those kids who love pickles this is a fun snack and treat. There are many ways you can do this. The way I grew up making these is I took a plastic cup and I filled it with pickle juice. Then I put a popsicle stick or a spoon in the middle of the cup and held it there by tape. Now they have fancy little popsicle makers for around $4.

Popsicle Maker $4

Remember you can make any juice into a popsicle. Try lemonade, tea, soda, chocolate milk, apple juice, etc.

These are also fun as ice cubes. Just pour the kids favorite drink into an ice tray for a new treat in a drink. Eat them plain or put a fruit punch ice cube in a glass of water for a new treat! There are ice trays with all kinds of fun shapes.

Heart Shaped Ice Cube Tray


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