Questions for Kids

26 Apr

Kids say the darnest things. One simple thing I like to do with the kids I watch is play a question game, they just don’t know it’s a game. Basically I ask them tough questions ranging any where from “grown-up” questions to impossible questions. I would like to share with some questions that I presented to a 5-year-old and her responses.

1. What do you want there to be in the future?

“I want there to be a special microwave that you can put one little piece of macaroni in it and then after a couple seconds it dings and it is one GIANT piece of macaroni. Oh also I would like there to be a car that drives when you’re sleeping. You can just put in the address and fall asleep. I fall asleep in the car a lot, especially on the way to my grandmas.”

2. How old do you want to be and why?

“I want to be 40 like my mom so I can have kids and snuggle with them.”

3. How much money to do you want when you get older?

“I want to be richer than the Mayor.”

Here are some other questions you can ask and see the responses you get.

Grown-up Questions

-Who do you want to marry?

-What do you want to do when you get older?

-What do you want your house to look like?

Impossible Questions

-What would you do if you were invisible? Or if you could fly?

-If you were a super hero, what would your costume look like and what would your side kick look like?

-If you could build anything with food what would it be?

Be creative and have fun. Kids love answering these questions. Ask kids of all ages the same questions and see what kind of responses you get. I would love to hear your questions and the responses you get from your kids!


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