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Kids and Math Not Mixing? Try THIS!

14 Apr

So kids don’t always care for numbers and they may be tired of their money sheets at school where they have to add the coins together. Well today I got a little one extremely excited about adding money.

All I did was give her a handful of spare change and told her she can have as much as she can count. This got her extremely excited. I gave her as many tries as she wanted and she ended up counting the correct amount of all of it and got to keep it! A whole .53 cents!!!! 🙂 She was pretty excited and learned how to count money a little better.

It was a good experience for both of us. She added money to her piggy bank and I got rid of change in my car.



Go Green with the Kids

2 Mar

The trendy phrase “Going Green” is something that kids hear about frequently but what does it mean to them. Take a day to spend outside and explain to them what it means. Two girls that I babysit wanted to go down to the creek. I was excited to take them because so many kids forget about “The Great Outdoors.” Children are so consumed and more excited and entertained by technology than they are about the outdoors. So we went to the creek and we cleared out the leaves and the trash so the water would flow. They were so excited to hear the water. Everything was so quiet and you could hear the trickling of the creek. We found treasures (fun rocks, pretty leaves, etc) and hid them in a special place. Next week we are going to build a box, decorate it, and paint it to hold all of our treasures. Do some research on leaves, trees, dirt, etc. and teach something new to the kids. Take the time to look at all of the unique lines on the leaves. The great unknown of the earth is full of new experiences for the kids who have grown up with a cell phone in their hand. Plant something with the kids. Buy some seed and either get them a pot to grow something in their room or have them plant something outside. Teach them how to take care of the plant just like they would a pet. Teaching them appreciation for the earth will stick with them for a long time to come.

Tips on Marriage from a 5-Year-Old

25 Feb

I love how children posses so much wisdom and they say exactly what they feel; no filter. They don’t stumble over what they say trying to reword it to make someone feel more comfortable; they say exactly what is on their mind at that moment. There is a lot we can learn from little ones. Don’t discredit the thoughts of a child but instead listen to what they say with an open mind. They are constantly teaching me new things. I hope you enjoy this video. 🙂

A Heart to Heart About Being on Time

24 Feb

Alright, so today we are going to get a little personal about my day, my meeting, excuses and how this applies to you as a babysitter. I will start by saying today I had a meeting. A very important meeting which I have been excited about since last week. With that said, here is a timeline of my day leading up to the meeting.

8:00 am – Class begins

8:15 – I wake up to a call from someone in my class asking why I wasn’t there taking the midterm test

8:20 – I arrive at class in sweats, sleepy in my eye, and no makeup on to take the midterm test quicker than I had planned

9:10 – I finish the midterm and head back up to my room

(did I mention it is pouring down rain?)

9:15 – Arrive in my dorm, change, attempt to make myself presentable

9:30 – Walk/run to my car, which is 10 mins away from my dorm, in the POURING RAIN! I am leaping through puddles.

9:40 – Get in my car, start driving, and make a phone call to a client for a class in order to schedule a meeting today

9:50 – Pass the turn I needed to make and have to turn around

10:00 – Meeting starts

10:10 – I arrive

Obviously I am 10 mins late to my important meeting that I had been looking forward to for a week (did I mention I was dripping wet because of the rain and the 10 min walk to my car?). This is my life lesson on excuses and meetings:

1. Don’t be late. At all. Period. No excuse. If you have a babysitting job, give yourself PLENTY of time to get there and arrive 10 mins early (NOT LATE). Give yourself room for rain, wrong turns, traffic, and life. By being on time you show that you are excited about being there without having to say a word.

2. Make sure you are clear on the time. Before today I received an email from the person I was meeting with and it said “Lets meet at 10:00am-10:30am…” I read that as “Let’s start the meeting sometime between 10 and 10:30…” No the meeting was to last FROM 10:00am-10:30am. Make sure you are clear before arriving. People won’t be upset with you asking questions to clarify but if you’re late because of a misunderstanding that you didn’t clarify ahead of time…chances are they will be less than happy.

3. Don’t share your excuses with them. Because if you give yourself plenty of time then you shouldn’t have an excuse. If you are late, apologize and don’t let it happen again. Truth is, there is nothing you can do about it. The impression has already been made and anything you do after will be making up for that first bad impression. If you give yourself plenty of time and arrive way early, hang out in your car and catch up on some of my blogs that you may have missed. There is a phone friendly version.

I hope you can learn from my mistake and be a more timely person. Be a professional. As a side note, the meeting that I schedule while missing my turn, I was 40 mins early to, and I wrote this blog.

P.S. – Dear Anonymous, If you are reading my blog and I was late to your meeting today, or if I have ever been late to anything EVER, I am sorry and it will never happen again. 🙂 Lesson learned. And thank you for getting me coffee.

Nap Time Tip

7 Jan

I have the privilege of babysitting for a sweet 2 year old girl and I have watched her in the past and I have had trouble getting her to take a nap or go to bed. Over this past week I have watched her 3 times and the first night that I watched her I decided to try something new for nap time.

I noticed that she was attached to this little baby doll. So when I recognized that it was nap time instead of telling her it was time for her nap I told her that it was time for her baby doll’s nap. She gave me an interesting look but she played along. So she and I took her little baby doll into her crib and she laid her baby doll in the crib. I asked her if she would lay next to her doll to be sure she went to sleep and I left the room.

To my surprise, she was soon sound asleep. I tried this method again later in the week and again for bedtime and I was successful each time. Her mom has informed me that it usually takes 30-45 mins of rocking to get her to fall asleep so she can place her in her crib. If she wakes up, then she will scream and cry until she is rocked again.

I imagine that this could work with many ages and even with boys if they have a favorite toy.

Please comment with your nap time success and horror stories! Also, if you have been having trouble with nap time and bedtime and you use this method, let me know if it worked for you!

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