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Bath Time Tip

6 Feb

So for some kids bath time is something they look forward to, for other kids it is a dreadful reminder that it’s time for bed. For either type of child you have this activity will be fun. Kids just want to be messy and the idea of painting inside of a boundary or with restrictions just doesn’t sound as fun to them. As a parent or a babysitter we realize that paint all over the carpet, clothes, and walls is not ok. This strategy will give you the best of both worlds.

Bring washable paint in the bathtub with your little ones. The ceramic tub allows them to go crazy with paint with what seems like endless possibilities but it is easy to clean up and so are they. Just put them in the bathtub without the water first and let them go crazy with washable paint. They can paint all over the tub and all over themselves. It gives them another chance to get rid of that left over energy before going to bed, it’s a lot of fun, and easy to clean up. When you’re done, just give them their regular bath and wash the walls off with a sponge.

Now bath time will be something they look forward too. They are able to have fun without running all over the house right before bed. Use it as leverage to get them to go to bed or to do whatever else you need them to do. “If you don’t go to bed well tonight then no painting before bath time tomorrow.” I don’t like using bribes for kids but honestly sometimes that is the only thing that works. If they are inconvenienced by their disobedience they are less likely to continue that behavior. This is a good way to make bath time and bed time a little easier. I have seen it work.

I hope this helps make bath time a bit more enjoyable. Let me know if you try this and how it worked for you. If you have something extra to add to this technique or another tip for fun bath time activities LET ME KNOW either through comments or email I would love to hear from you!

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