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Nap Time Tip

7 Jan

I have the privilege of babysitting for a sweet 2 year old girl and I have watched her in the past and I have had trouble getting her to take a nap or go to bed. Over this past week I have watched her 3 times and the first night that I watched her I decided to try something new for nap time.

I noticed that she was attached to this little baby doll. So when I recognized that it was nap time instead of telling her it was time for her nap I told her that it was time for her baby doll’s nap. She gave me an interesting look but she played along. So she and I took her little baby doll into her crib and she laid her baby doll in the crib. I asked her if she would lay next to her doll to be sure she went to sleep and I left the room.

To my surprise, she was soon sound asleep. I tried this method again later in the week and again for bedtime and I was successful each time. Her mom has informed me that it usually takes 30-45 mins of rocking to get her to fall asleep so she can place her in her crib. If she wakes up, then she will scream and cry until she is rocked again.

I imagine that this could work with many ages and even with boys if they have a favorite toy.

Please comment with your nap time success and horror stories! Also, if you have been having trouble with nap time and bedtime and you use this method, let me know if it worked for you!

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